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What You Can Do About Emphysema

Chronic lung conditions can leave you breathless, but treating your chronic respiratory condition can help you live a healthier, more normal life, as well as reduce your risk of complications. Read on to learn more.
Mar 1st, 2022

Do You Have an Asthma Action Plan?

An asthma attack is a scary experience. Having a plan to protect your life is essential to successfully living with asthma. Learn more and get help making a plan for better living with asthma.
Feb 1st, 2022

5 Factors That Put You at Risk for COPD

It’s easy to think of COPD as a smoker’s disease, since smoking is by far the main cause. But there are other factors that put you at risk for this chronic lung condition — and if you live in Los Angeles, you have at least one of them.
Jan 12th, 2022

How You Can Know Your Blood Oxygen Levels

Though most people don’t have to worry about their blood oxygen saturation, it’s an important piece of dynamic information for people living with COPD. Read on to learn more about oxygen and COPD.
Dec 2nd, 2021

Non-Smoking Causes of COPD

You might think COPD is a “smoker’s disease,” but actually, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can affect non-smokers, too. Knowing the risk factors for COPD can help you get treatment as soon as possible. Here’s more information.
Oct 12th, 2021

Impact of Marijuana Usage on the Lungs

As the race to legalize marijuana heats up, research has struggled to keep up with the study of the long-term effects of marijuana usage. Some facts are known, though, and learning more about the risks of smoking marijuana is important.
Aug 19th, 2021
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